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Wendi Francis MS, RD/LDN, CPC

Wendi Francis is a pioneer in her field with specialty areas in food psychology and eating disorders. She a registered and licensed dietitian with a graduate degree in counseling and education and also has extensive expertise and training in eating disorders and trauma and is certified in strategic life and business coaching, neuro-linguistics programming (NLP), somatic experiencing and grief coaching. Wendi has worked in her own private practice for the past twenty five plus years facilitating permanent transformation for others by turning their fears around food into freedom. In the last five years she has also developed a successful weight loss business, which focuses on the psychological aspects of weight change, based on her 3P Protocol. She is a best-selling author, podcast personality, recognized speaker and educator. Wendi's strategic interventions create physical and psychological change in behaviors, emotions and beliefs driving individuals to their own succinct success overcoming their emotional overeating
Who am I?
  • ​Emotional Eating Expert
  • ​Nutrition Therapist
  • ​#1 Best Selling Author
  • ​Nationally Recognized Speaker
  • ​25+ Year of Professional Experience
  • ​Creator of the "3P Protocol"